7 Reasons To Have Plastic Surgery

7 Reasons To Have Plastic Surgery Pam Leyden of West Des Moines is physically fit and exercises regularly, but two c-sections and the aging process took their toll on her body.

She wasn’t looking for a dramatic change when she sought out plastic surgery and opted for a mini-Euro facelift and mini-tummy tuck performed by Dr. Eugene Cherny of Heartland Plastic Surgery.

“It may sound cliché, but my outside wasn’t matching my inside,” she said.

Leyden said that before surgery, her neck looked as if it was “melting” and she avoided wearing jewelry that would draw attention to the area. The face lift corrected that and removed heavier wrinkles and pronounced marionette lines.

“I didn’t want to look like a 54-year-old woman who was trying to look 25. I wanted to be a better me. I wanted to feel more comfortable in my skin,” she said.

Cherny said plastic surgery has become a very important cultural phenomenon. He and other plastic surgeons say the reasons why patients seek surgery can vary:

The goal is to dramatically improve confidence, psychological well-being and quality of life, both mentally and physically, Cherny said.

Feel better about yourself

Patients often seek cosmetic surgery in an effort to regain something lost in life, Cherny said.

Dr. Brent Koch, of Koch Facial Plastic Surgery, adds that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel better about yourself.

“I just don’t look on the outside like I feel on the inside. I look in the mirror and I see an old lady when in fact I’m not,” are frequent comments he hears.

“That’s certainly something that can be improved,” Koch said.

Post pregnancy

This is the main reason patients seek body contouring, Cherny said.

“It damages the breast and the skin and the abdominal wall. Women want to have the body back that they had before they had children,” he said.

Physical changes

Major weight loss can result in excessive loose skin, which can be difficult to manage within your clothes and cause back pain and hygiene problems, Cherny said. Breast reduction surgery can also help reduce back pain.


Facial cosmetic surgery can help address wrinkles and sun damage. In addition to loose skin, aging can result in changes in the shape of the face, jowls and cheek bones, Cherny said.

Change elements you dislike

Koch said rhinoplasty is the most common procedure in his practice. Even small changes to the nose can change the dimensions of the face greatly, he said.

Improve a tired look

Work on the eye area can improve an angry, frowning look, much of which is genetic. A brow lift can have a great effect and is a minimal procedure with maximum results, said David Robbins of Des Moines Plastic Surgery.

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