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All About BalanceThe New Year is here and many of us are preparing to make all kinds of resolutions – to live better, eat healthier, exercise more and finally achieve the bodies of our dreams. Of course, not everything can be achieved through diet and exercise alone; and for some individuals, anti aging plastic surgery is an appropriate solution for stubborn fat, sagging facial skin, fine lines and wrinkles. However, while we tend to go overboard when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, plastic surgery is one area where less is more – and ultimately, the goal is balanced, natural beauty rather than radical transformation.

The best anti-aging plastic surgery doesn’t change a patient’s looks so much as restore balance to their appearance. Using a combination of cosmetic fillers, laser treatments and plastic surgery procedures, skilled surgeons can help patients achieve subtle changes – such as improved skin tone and texture, firmer and more supple facial skin, reduced fine lines, wrinkles and unwanted body fat – for an overall effect that is at once dramatic and natural looking. From facelift and mid-facelift procedures, endoscopic brow lift surgery and facial contouring to Thermage skin-tightening, Botox and laser surgery, there are countless invasive and non-invasive options that can be used to recapture a youthful look. But of course, the key to a successful procedure ultimately lies in your choice of surgeon, and the experience and ideology that he or she brings to each and every patient’s care.

Writer: John G. Apostolides, MD

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