What Else Can Botox Do For You?

What Else Can Botox Do For You?Botox injections are primarily considered as cosmetic enhancement procedures that keep the skin from showing signs of aging. The botulinum toxin contained in the injections inhibit nerve activity to restrict the movement of facial muscles and consequently, prevent the skin from wrinkling.

However, the uses of Botox extend beyond aesthetic functions.

Nowadays, Botox is used to treat different conditions, such as migraines, hyperhydrosis, and jaw pain, among others.

People suffering from migraines can use Botox as remedy for the chronic headaches.

The ability of Botox to cure migraines was discovered when migraine-suffering Botox patients who underwent the procedure for cosmetic purposes noticed that their headaches eased and sometimes even disappeared completely.

Exactly how Botox injections function as migraine treatments is still a mystery to scientists.

However, the most common theory seems to be that the toxin blocks pain receptors in the brain. When the toxin attaches itself to the nerve endings in the brain, the organ is not able to send pain signals. The person, then, does not register the migraine pain.

Botox migraine treatments generally show results within two to three weeks after the administration of the injection. The pain management functions of Botox increase when the treatment is done long-term.

There are also fewer side effects with this type of migraine remedy.

Hyperhydrosis is a health condition characterized by excessive sweating.

The condition is caused by overactive sweat glands in the problem areas, most often in the underarm region. Botox injections are now used to manage this condition.

Botox treatments for excessive sweating are considered as an alternative for traditional cures such as surgery and the application of topical products.

While surgery can control the excessive sweating in the problem areas, it can also cause sweat prevention in other parts of the body, which is unhealthy. The most common criticism for topical products is the inability to deliver desired results.

The toxin in the Botox injections regulates the sweat production of the overactive glands so perspiration levels in those areas would decrease. However, there are side effects that come with this treatment, like throat aches and headaches. There is also the risk of developing a compensatory sweating condition, in which the occurrence of excessive sweating only migrates to other regions of the body.

Botox is also used to control spasms and decrease pain in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

The substance injected in the area relaxes the jaw muscles and joints, which prevents the spasms from occurring. The dosage of the botulinum toxin mixed into the solution is regulated so the jaw area is still functional.

Stiletto-clad feet can also benefit from Botox because it is now considered a remedy for pain in the balls of feet for high heel wearers. In this course of treatment, Botox is introduced to the area in order to provide extra cushion for the balls of the feet. In addition, the pain caused by the pressure of the heels is alleviated when the toxin appends itself to the nerve endings in the feet.

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