Botox vs. Dysport

Botox vs. DysportThere has been a lot of excitement for Dysport to make it to the US market.

Finally an alternative to Botox.

We know that patients are looking for something to last longer and be cheaper.  Well, we haven’t found it here, but it definitely should work to make the Botox manufacturers keep their pricing competitive.

We used it on one of our doctors with Botox on one side of the forehead and Dysport on the other.

They have seemed to work just as effectively and for the same length of time.  There may be a tendency for Dysport to “spread” a little more than Botox which may make it better for some spots and not as good for others.

Perhaps it is an alternative for patients that have felt that Botox isn’t working for them as well as it used to.

One limit on the Dysport is it should not be used in patients with a milk allergy. Otherwise the limitations and restrictions should be similar to those of Botox.

Writers: George Weston, M.D., Robert Sigal, M.D., Byron Poindexter, M.D.

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