Botox As Treatment To Hyperhidrosis

Botox As Treatment To HyperhidrosisPeople who suffer from excessive underarm sweat can now turn to medical science to help them be free of their wet predicament. Treatment comes in the form of Botox injections in the armpits. As early as 2002, it was already discovered that Botox could be a viable treatment for hyperhidrosis. Only now is the application gaining attention from medical professionals.

The process can be explained as having Botulinum toxin type A (BTX-A) injected into the patients armpit skin. The drug works by providing temporary halt of neurotransmitter activity, suppressing them from firing and sending signals which trigger the production of sweat.

As a treatment for axillary hyperhidrosis, Botox is injected at anywhere from 15 to 20 spots on the armpits. The effect is only temporary, however, and further treatment is required in between periods of four to six months. Test subjects and patients have reported pain during the procedure but a high rate of effectiveness in reducing armpit sweating.

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