Breast Augmentation: Enhancing Your Assets

Breast Augmentation: Enhancing Your AssetsNow it’s no longer just glam dolls and wannabe models opting for breast augmentation. Even the girl-next-door and the not-so-well-endowed homemakers are trying out silicon implants to enhance the feel-good factor. City surgeons observe that this is a growing trend — among about-to-be-married young professionals as well as middle-aged housewives belonging to upper-middle-class backgrounds. What’s more, they are open about it and have the support of their parents and husbands too.

Newly-wed 23-year-old Shilpi Reddy (name changed) is enjoying wedded bliss. “I was what’s called flat-chested. It gave me an inferiority com plex, especially when my beautiful college friends were around. I spoke to my mother about it and undertook this cosmetic procedure when I was getting ready for marriage. Not only do I look a lot better, I also feel more confident and comfortable about my body,” said Shilpi.

S. Sujatha (name changed), a teacher in her late-30s said, “My first marriage ended in a divorce. Work, household chores and taking care of the family bogged me down so much that I didn’t have any time for myself and there were other problems too. My figure had gone for a toss and I felt depressed and guilty. On a colleague’s advice, I tried beautifying myself, took to yoga and opted for breast enhancement. I recently remarried and feel happy when people compliment me as my looks belie my age,” she said.

Dr Bharatendu Swain, senior consultant, and a plastic and aesthetic surgeon at Apollo Hospital, classifies his patients into two groups. “One type is the young girl about to be married, but who is less well-endowed. The second group comprises mothers of grown-up children, who may be suffering from a midlife crisis; having lost figure and form post childbirth, and that they should spend time on themselves,” said the doctor.

Dr Murali Mohan Reddy, plastic surgeon, Yashoda Hospital, says that at least three cases asking for breast augmentation come to him every month; and patients range from students or IT professionals in their 20s, to housewives in their late 30s and 40s. Interestingly, clients are a lot more open and even come accompanied by their husbands, mothers for the one-day procedure, pointed out the doctors. Though minor side effects can’t be ruled out, and complications may occur in some patients suffering from diabetics and bleeding disorders, doctors say that the procedure is safe. “Advanced gel implants are kept under the muscles and they don’t interfere with lactation or breast-feeding,” says Dr Rammohan Reddy, a plastic surgery technologist at Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (Nims).


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  1. Lilah says:

    Breast augmentation is definitely much more accepted in today’s society than it was even just a few decades ago. It’s no longer for just a set group in society, but for everyone who has the desire. I personally am glad that we as women have more options available to us like this.

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