A Brow Lift Improves Your Look

A Brow Lift Improves Your LookIf others look at you and see a worry or concern on your face, it may not be because you have something to fret about. The sagging of the forehead over time can produce permanent lines in the skin that can make you look older and, at times, concerned.

A facelift is a very common form of cosmetic surgery that often focuses on the cheeks and area of the face below the eyes. But what if it’s your forehead and eyebrows that need lifting? That’s when a brow lift comes in.

Also known as a browplasty or forehead lifting, a brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that surgically lifts or elevates the brows to correct drooping or helps smooth out deep wrinkles across the forehead.

The procedure can be more functional and necessary than cosmetic when it helps to correct drooping brows that may obstruct an individual’s vision, but more often than not it is used to help eliminate so-called worry lines, or the deep wrinkles that portray a furrowing of the brows that can be confused for an angry look.

Patients who typically seek out this procedure are often between the ages of 40 and 60 and have begun to show signs of aging. Over time and through gravity, the muscles in the forehead can become weak and loose, allowing wrinkles to appear. Smoothing these out is sought after to achieve a more youthful appearance.

There are many various types of the brow lift that can accomplish different individual goals. The most common approach involves removing a small amount of tissue and muscle just above the eyebrow, which can then be tightened up to reduce sagging.

Approaches designed to include the elimination of wrinkles typically involve making an incision along the crease of a wrinkle. From there the surgeon removes excess tissue, fat and muscle, which allows him or her to tighten the area upon closing the wound. The resulting scars are partially hidden within the creases of the skin and are typically discreet upon healing.

A coronal brow lift is completed by making an incision across the head from ear to ear. From there skin, tissue and muscle are removed to allow the surgeon to stretch and smooth the entire area.

The latest and most cutting edge technique are known as endoscopic lifts. They involve making small incisions hidden in the hairline and using a surgical telescope to help raise the brows and smooth the area around the top of the face.

Each of these approaches, like most forms of plastic surgery, is an involved medical procedure that typically requires the use of anesthesia and a hospital stay. There are also various levels of recovery required depending on the nature of the surgery, which should be discussed with a doctor or surgeon prior to undergoing the procedure.

A brow lift isn’t quite as common or popular as other forms of cosmetic work, but it has a proven rate of success and is growing in popularity over recent years. A doctor or surgeon can provide more information and options for those who may be considering it.

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