Should Celebrities Take the Lead on Plastic Surgery?

Should Celebrities Take the Lead on Plastic Surgery?Cosmetic surgery has always been popular, and it seems to remain a growing trend with more and more women opting to have elective surgery to either enhance a feature or to completely remake their faces or bodies.

Many women and even some men are tempted to change their appearance in order to look more like someone they admire. While there are celebrities who indulge in plastic surgery, the majority of them do not offer to give plastic surgery advice to their fans.

Recently, stars like Demi Moore and Jessica Alba have actually counseled fans not to have plastic surgery to look more like the stars they admire. Sadly, attractive women with low self-esteem are attempting to feel better by looking less like themselves and more like someone else. This is one instance where imitation is not a form of flattery.

Plastic surgery certainly has its place, especially for people who desire to cover scars or correct physical impairments.

However, one of the main reasons people undergo plastic surgery is to boost their self-esteem and to give them more confidence. While it is true that if you look good you feel good, there are ways to improve your image without actually going under the knife.

If, after much deliberation, you decide plastic surgery is really the answer for you, then you should seek advice from a professional doctor, not a professional actor. While it’s great that a superstar like Demi Moore recognizes the lunacy in copycat plastic surgery, women should be asking qualified surgeons, not Hollywood starlets, their opinions.

Everybody is different, and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. The breast lift that your favorite star just got may simply not fit your own body frame. Or the nose you think is so beautiful on a certain actress may just not be attractive on you with your distinct facial features. Beauty is very personal and individualized, so it cannot be mirrored by simply copying your favorite celebrity.

Instead of trying to look like someone else, consider enhancing your own features to bring out your own personal beauty. Eating right and exercising regularly can help you look better and feel better, too. If you still feel you need to have some plastic surgery, talk to a professional about what they recommend.

Be sure to consider all of the pros and cons of any procedure before actually committing to it. If you’re still starstruck and determined to look like a celebrity, think about watching them on a high-definition TV. Maybe seeing every pore and pox mark on your idol will help you appreciate your own beauty marks a little more.

Writer: Susan Evans, MD

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