Celebrity Mistresses Get Plastic Surgery Makeovers

Celebrity Mistresses Get Plastic Surgery MakeoversThe mistresses of Tiger Woods, Ashton Kutcher, and Reggie Bush will get plastic surgery makeovers on a new TV reality show.

The new show, Mistress Makeovers “Starting Over”, will feature two of Tiger Woods mistresses, Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers, Reggie Bush’s mistress January Gessert, and Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress, Brittany Jones getting plastic surgery makeovers, botox injections, and other assorted body enhancements.

Viewers will be able to follow the mistresses as they undergo their transformations, which will hopefully enable them to start over, reinvent themselves, find true love, and live happily ever after.

Which Mistresses Will Get Which Procedures?

According to HollyScoop, Joslyn James and Jamie Jungers have elected to get breast implants, though I can’t imagine why Joslyn, who is a 34DD would want to further enhance her already amply endowed breasts.

January will be receiving a Brazilian Butt and botox.

Brittany still hasn’t made up her mind.

Celebrity Mistresses and TV Reality Shows

Celebrity mistresses seem to view TV reality shows as a highly desirable way to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

Rachel Uchitel has made at least 6 attempts to become a reality TV star. At one point she was shopping around a reality show of her own called Romancing Rachel, but there were no takers. She eventually ended up on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

Tiger Woods mistress, Jamie Jungers, and Jesse James mistress, Michelle Bombshell McGee agreed to co-host a TV reality show called “Celebrity Cheaters,” the brainchild of Bobby Goldstein, who created the syndicated TV reality series “Cheaters”  Both mistresses were eager to participate, but there have been no follow-up reports as to whether the show ever found a network home.

Earlier this year Jaimee Grubbs was asked to head a cast of other celebrity mistresses on a TV reality show designed to give the participating mistresses a second chance to find true love and was originally supposed to also include the betrayed wives. See  Betrayed Celebrity Wives May Soon Have Their Say on Reality TV.   It sounds similar in some ways to the Mistress Makeovers reality show. But Jaimee Grubbs is not part of the line-up this time.

In addition to participating in reality TV shows, most celebrity mistresses have found other ways to profit from their affairs with famous men.

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