Consider Whether You Enjoy a Medical or a Spa Atmosphere?

Consider Whether You Enjoy a Medical or a Spa Atmosphere?Typically, a clinical environment such as a surgical center or doctor’s office would forego some of the more luxurious amenities, such as candles, robes or refreshments. Spa treatments such as vichy showers, relaxation massage and body wraps usually aren’t included, although they may be in a therapeutic way such as a hydrotherapy bath.

A medical spa might include the pampering extras but would still focus on the basics.

That’s not to say the patients in a clinical atmosphere aren’t treated in a nurturing way; in fact one of the roles of a medical aesthetician is to listen to and allay some of the concerns of patients.

“Patient comfort is our main concern,” says Wendy Canzanese, a Medical Aesthetician at the Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery. “We want to facilitate their recovery
and speed along their healing as best as possible.”

A Medical Aesthetician’s Role

Medical Aesthetician Wendy Canzanese has found immense satisfaction from working in a clinical environment and the rewards are shared by everyone in the partnership.

“We have found that having an aesthetician on our staff has rounded out our practice very nicely,” says surgeon Dr. Robert K. Sigal. “As doctors, we are able to make skincare recommendations, but an aesthetician can follow-up with the patients more thoroughly and provide services that we simply do not have the time or often the abilities to perform.”

The Austin-Weston Center provides clinical-grade skincare services in the Medical Aesthetique, such as Medical-grade microdermabrasion, chemical peels, clinical facials, camouflage makeup services, Fraxel, Broad Band Light (BBL) and laser hair removal services.

Broad Band Light laser skin treatment services are actually considered minor surgical procedures and are very effective at treating conditions such as rosacea, vascular lesions and veins as well as helping to reduce the effects of hyperpigmentation from sun damage.

The Austin-Weston Center Aestheticians strive to offer the ultimate in clinical care. A medical aesthetician is also an important part of the medical team in a clinical environment. Having good communication skills, good technical skills and a nurturing attitude is important to your success.

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