Experience With Juvaderm® Under The Eyes

Experience With Juvaderm® Under The EyesA Lesson Learned:  I bought a Groupon for filler at half price… I chose Juvederm® under my eyes because I have hollow eye sockets. The doctor(who has a practice for 5 months) did the job.

I developed huge grey bulbous blobs under each eye that could not be hidden with concealer.  In fact, concealer made it worse.  I was frantic because I had the work done a week before the Holidays expecting a good result.

I shut down and would only wear sunglasses all the time.  The Juvaderm® can be removed and Dr. Sigal did just that.  I did not trust the other doctor to remove it.

I could tell by the deftness and assurance with which he (Dr. Sigal) performed the extraction of the Juvederm® that he is my plastic surgeon for life. I do plan on having the lower lid lift with Dr. Sigal as soon as we can schedule it and I know the procedure will be hugely successful.

Writer: Anita L.

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