Is A Facelift The Right Move For Men?

Is A Facelift The Right Move For Men?We live in a youth oriented culture and there is a lot of pressure on older men to look as young as they possibly can. The problem is that, over time, gravity, sun exposure and stress start to show their toll on the face with creases and wrinkles as well as sagging skin, especially around the neck and jawline. Signs of aging like these can cause a person to start looking tired and worn out, even when they feel great and have a lot of energy.

It has not been too many years since most men considered facelifts as a procedure just for women, but men now represent a significant number of the procedures done each year. One cause for this increase could be seeing the change in other men who have had the procedure done. Usually facelifts are done along with other procedures that address the upper face, like brow lifts and eyelid surgery, and together these procedures can produce sometimes amazing results.

To be a good candidate for a facelift, a man must be in overall good health and not have a lot of skin damage from sun exposure or smoking. Often facelifts, especially when done with upper face procedures, can remove many of the signs of aging and make a man look 10 to 20 years younger.

During the facelift procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions above the hairline at the temple, below the ear or near the hairline. Excess fat and tissue are then removed and the remaining tissues are tightened to remove wrinkles and lines on the face. Excess sagging skin near the jaw and neck are also removed and the remaining skin tightened.

Recovery is usually not very painful and bandages and stitches will usually be removed during the first week. Although there will still be a little bruising and swelling, most men are able to go back to work two weeks after the procedure. Patients are cautioned not to use a hot tub, public pool or go swimming for a minimum of four weeks after the procedure.

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