Has 49-year-old Locklear Had A Little Help?

Has 49 year old Locklear Had A Little Help?Is it down to good genes or good doctors?

The 49-year-old’s face is looking markedly line free and plumped-up.

Locklear’s eyebrows looked somewhat raised and her eyes a little too wide open whilst her cheeks were looking rounder and her neck suspiciously smooth for someone approaching 50.

Despite many reports to the contrary, the former Melrose Place star has always denied going under the knife, though she concedes that it’s something she may consider ‘in the future’.

‘I think [plastic surgery] is great! Especially since I’m at an age now where all my friends talk about it. No one’s done it yet, but it’s all they talk about. …

‘Sometimes I look at this [points under her chin]. If I say something to my husband, he’ll go, “You don’t need it.” I think it would be scary, but hey, I’m not against it at all. At all.’

Experts in the field question her denials though.

New York City based plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer opines on website MakeMeHeal.com : ‘There is no question Heather Locklear looks great.

‘She appears to have had Botox and fillers. Her neck/jawline also looks improved which may indicate a surgical procedure such as facelift or neck lift.’

Another surgeon, Dr.  John Di Saia of San Clemente and Anaheim told the website: ‘Heather Locklear has had facial work including probably a facelift, eyes, forehead lift and mid-face lift plus or minus cheek implants.

‘A bit heavy on the lip filler but this is so common.’

Then, according to plastic surgery consultant Wendy Lewis, the problem that’s visible in Heather’s face is: ‘a combination of overfilling and a hard life.’

She added that: ‘Heather was every teenage boy’s fantasy for a few decades so we should cut her some slack.’

Last year Heather reprised the role that made her famous, returning to the updated version of Melrose Place as Amanda Woodwood.

However, despite Locklear’s appearance in the show, along with various other original series regulars, the new show was not a ratings success and was cancelled after one season.

Heather is currently filming the Lifetime made for TV movie, He Loves Me.

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