Breast Augmentation: Keller Funnel™ – Icing on a Cake

Breast Augmentation: Keller Funnel™   Icing on a CakeI’ve been doing cosmetic surgery a long time, and I think I’ve seen most everything.  Things that have seemed too good to be true usually have been, and it’s rare that something major has been overlooked.  Then the Keller Funnel™ (Silicone Breast Augmentation) came along.

A plastic surgeon friend of mine told me about it on a recent trip to California.  “It’ll change your life,” he told me .  Although I was skeptical, I respect this guy (heck I helped train him!) and I looked into it.

This funnel looks like one of those bags my wife and daughters use to squirt icing on a cake.

It’s made out of a very tough paper and can be cut at the bottom to make an opening appropriate for the size of the implant.  The inside of the funnel is lined with a slippery substance that allows an implant to slide through the funnel like, well, icing.

The real benefit of the Keller Funnel™ is that it allows the breast implant to slip through a smaller incision with less trauma in the process.  The theoretical benefit is that it keeps the breast implant from touching the skin.

Why would this matter?

Well, even though we “sterilize” the skin prior to breast augmentation surgery, the reality is that some bacteria are probably still living on it.  As we push the implant through the skin into the pocket, it may pick up some bacteria which, in some plastic surgeons minds, may provoke a capsular contracture.  The funnel can keep the breast implant from touching the skin during the insertion process.

The first time I tried the Keller Funnel™, I was shocked.  It was better than advertised.  This simple device made the difficult task of pushing a silicone breast implant into the pocket a breeze and the skin looked pristine.

The people in the OR were equally surprised.

Every case since then has worked just as well, and the scars do look better – and smaller!

Time will tell if the breast implants remain softer than before using the Keller Funnel™ for breast augmentation surgery, but frankly it’s hard to imagine going back to not using it.

Writer:  Robert Sigal, M.D.

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