A Sleeker Silhouette

A Sleeker SilhouetteStill have a few curves where you wish you didn’t? Body sculpting can turn your problem areas into perfection areas

Move it around

Liposhifting is a body contouring procedure that redefines the look of cellulite and reshapes fat deposits on the lower part of the body.

Unlike liposuction, no fat deposits are removed from the body.
Instead, the surgeon uses an instrument to emulsify existing fat and then shift the remaining fat into a new position or shape.

Liposhifting works well in places where there may be an indent you don’t like, such as on the legs or buttocks.

Lift it

Body lifts remove excess skin and fat from one or more areas of the body to create a more pleasing shape. The most common lifts are for the thighs, buttocks and arms.

  • Similar to the way a tummy tuck smoothes the abdomen, a THIGH LIFT reshapes the thighs by reducing excess skin, and in some cases, fat, resulting in smoothly proportioned contours. Inner thigh lifts typically require smaller, less noticeable incisions than outer thigh lifts.
  • During BUTT LIFT surgery, also called gluteoplasty, excess skin is removed, and the surrounding tissue is repositioned to create a more youthful body contour. A Brazilian butt lift does not involve removing any skin, but instead adds volume to the buttocks using injections of the patient’s own fat.
  • An ARM LIFT, also known as brachioplasty, removes excess skin and fat and reshapes the under portion of the upper arm.

“There is generally a trade-off between excess skin and a scar,” says Dr. Garth Fisher, an aesthetic and complex restorative plastic surgeon who was the first surgeon featured on ABC’s “Extreme Makeovers.”

“For minimal excess skin, a scar can be hidden in the armpit,” he says. “For substantial skin and the desire for a definitive solution, the skin can be excised and the scar placed on the inside or back of the arm from armpit to elbow. It is often a very good trade-off.”

Laser it

If needles or scalpels aren’t your thing, a number of noninvasive options are on the horizon.

These new technologies, currently being evaluated by the FDA, use lasers, ultrasound, radio-frequency energy or a combination of these technologies to deliver energy to fat and collagen cells in hopes of stimulating rejuvenation and reducing fat circumference.

The less-is-more face lift

Sometimes referred to as the lifestyle lift, European face lift or mini face lift, this relatively new procedure creates results similar to a more complex face lift but only takes a couple of hours to perform.

Because there are fewer and smaller incisions, the healing time is also reduced.

In this procedure, permanent sutures underlying the skin tighten the muscles of the face and neck and ensure long-lasting results.

As with any procedure, you’ll want to choose a surgeon who is board-certified and experienced.

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