How Dermal Fillers Prevent Aging

How Dermal Fillers Prevent AgingAs we age, there are two major forces ravaging our face: gravity and deflation.  We all know about the effects of gravity.  But recent studies show deflation being another powerful aging force that effects us early on.

Beginning in our 30′s, a long slow global process of volume loss begins all over our face that culminates in the formation of frank lines, folds, and depressions.  We begin to lose volume globally from the underlyiing bone, to the overlying fat, muscle and overlying skin.

Part of the skin deflation is due to the loss of collagen. Fibroblast cells in the skin make collagen, yet by age 50, we have lost 50% of that collagen.  To make new collagen, fibroblasts need to be stretched.  If they don’t get enough stretch and there is not enough volume in the skin, not only do the fibroblasts not make enough collagen, but they begin to make collagenase – an enzyme that breaks down collagen.  The skin then enters a deleterious cycle of volume loss exacerbated by collagen breakdown.

So how can we fight back?  Putting some volume in the skin, early on, keeps us from entering that vicious cycle as quickly as we would have otherwise.  There are several dermal fillers that stimulate neo-collagenesis by stimulating fibroblast cells to lay down new collagen in the skin.  Sculptra, Radiesse™, Juvederm™, Restylane™ and Perlane™ are excellent choices to that end.  Not only do they provide a lift by plumping those lines, but they have a longterm added benefit: an “anti-sinking” benefit.

Writer: Dr. Anouche Roberts

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