Middle School Project: Q&A With Dr. Knotts

Plastic Surgery ProjectTo whomever it may concern,

Hello, I am a 6th grade middle school student from Quincy, Michigan. My class is currently doing a research project on a career that interests me. I am doing mine on plastic surgery.

One of the requirements is that we have an outside mentor that can help us with questions we have. I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out.

Here are a few questions I have as I am getting started.

  • Do you think you get paid enough for what you do?
  • Do you get paid more for different operations?
  • How hard is it to be a plastic surgeon?
  • Why did you become a plastic surgeon?

Thanks you in advance for your help.


Michael D
6th Grade – QMS

For the answer read Dr. Knotts’ blog!

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