Liposuction: What is SmartLipo?

Liposuction: What is SmartLipo?There is so much information in the media about the different types of liposuction.

It is virtually impossible to differentiate and understand the similarities and differences. SmartLipo by Cynosure is a laser liposuction procedure that is currently being heavily marketed.

Many of our patients come in asking about it.

SmartLipo uses a very thin glass laser to melt the fat.  Because it produces a very narrow beam of laser light, it takes a lot of time to treat any substantial area.  The light is absorbed mostly by fat, but other areas, such as nerve cells, can be damaged.  The heat from the process affects all the nearby tissue and patients can easily get burned, leaving a possible scar.

The physicians at The Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery have researched and tested SmartLipo, and they feel that it is an ineffective use of time and money as well as a possibly dangerous procedure.

The Austin-Weston Center feels that an excellent alternative in liposuction would be VASER®Lipo.

Writers:  George Weston, M.D., Robert Sigal, M.D.,  Byron Poindexter, M.D.

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