Get Rid Of That Double Chin

Get Rid Of That Double ChinA double portion of anything is not necessarily a bad thing until it affects your appearance in a negative way. A double chin is one of those things women will tell you flatly that they can do without.

If you have been blessed with excess fat under the chin, don’t despair, there are practical and inexpensive solutions that can help you to get rid of the spare chin in no time. For those who don’t mind going under the knife, there is also this option available as well.

“It (double chin) is a normal part of ageing and as you gain weight, there is going to be a certain amount of fat deposit which occurs under the chin,” said plastic surgeon Dr Rajeev Venugopal.

The doctor pointed out that the problem occurs during ageing because the muscle which gives the skin its toned appearance also weakens with age. In addition to these issues, he said that the problem is sometimes hereditary.

“The same way some people have extra fat on their outer thighs naturally, it can be formed that way,” he said.

The doctor said women can get rid of their double chins using a variety of techniques.

“The treatment depends on how to address the various components,” he said.

“The fat is dealt with through liposuction; the muscle is sometimes tightened with surgery and the skin has to be cut away sometimes in the form of a face or neck lift.”

The doctor said exercise can also help to decrease the prominence of a double chin since exercise would cause weight reduction, not only in the body, but also in the face. Doctors generally advise that you perform cardiovascular exercises for at least 30 minutes three times for the week. Exercises like swimming, biking and running are great and will help you shed the pounds from your body while in the process helping to slim your face down.

Here are some other suggestions for getting rid of your double chin:

1. Chew your food slowly. Chewing your food helps to deal with double chin on two counts. It will help you to not overeat so that you won’t gain weight and it will help you to exercise your face muscle so your jawline can seem more defined.

2. Stop slouching. Bad posture causes you to lose flexibility, which will in turn cause your neck muscle to weaken. This can contribute to you developing double chin over time. So it is always good to sit upright with your chin facing upward.

3. Have sugar free gum. Chewing on sugar free gum will help you to exercise the muscles in the chin and jawline, thereby helping to reduce your double chin.

4. Keep your diet clean. Instead of overeating unhealthy foods, consume nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and lean meats.

5. Try any facial exercises that include working your neck and jaw muscles. Move the lower jaw forward as far as it can go; move your head forward while clenching your neck muscles; or move the jaws side to side.

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