Rising Plastic Surgery Volumes In 2010

Rising Plastic Surgery Volumes In 2010The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported the following six statistics about growth of plastic surgery volumes in 2010, based on its online national database and annual survey of board-certified plastic surgeons.

1. Growth in cosmetic surgery. There were 13.1 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures last year, 5 percent more than in 2009. Since insurers do not typically cover cosmetic procedures, the increase reflects a rise in consumer confidence, the ASPS said.

2. Top five cosmetic surgery procedures. The top five such procedures last year, with volumes, were breast augmentation (296,000), nose reshaping (252,000), eyelid surgery (209,000), liposuction (203,000)
and tummy tuck (116,000). In addition, the number of facelifts rose by 9 percent to 113,000 procedures — their first increase since 2007.

3. Growth in surgical body contouring. All surgical body contouring procedures saw growth in 2010, including breast lifts (90,000 procedures, up 3 percent), lower body lifts (10,000 procedures, up 9 percent), upper arm lifts (15,000 procedures, up 5 percent), and thigh lifts (9,000 procedures, up 8 percent).

4. Growth in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. The number of such procedures increased 5 percent, totaling 11.6 million procedures in 2010. The top five minimally invasive procedures, with volumes, were Botulinum toxin type A (5.4 million), soft tissue fillers (1.8 million), chemical peel (1.1 million), laser hair removal (938,000) and microdermabrasion (825,000).

5. Increase in reconstructive plastic surgery. Such surgeries, which are typically covered by insurers, increased 2 percent in 2010, to a total volume of 5.3 million.

6. Top five reconstructive procedures. The top five reconstructive procedures in 2010, with volumes, were tumor removal (4 million), laceration repair (357,000), scar revision (161,000), hand surgery (106,000), and breast reconstruction (93,000). Breast reconstruction was up 8 percent in 2010, taking the No. 5 slot from maxillofacial surgery.

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