Your Self-Esteem And Breast Augmentation

Your Self Esteem And Breast AugmentationEvery woman at some time in her life feels uncomfortable with how she looks and it is often her breasts that she is uncomfortable with. They are perhaps too small, too large, uneven, or asymmetrical. To fix any of these problems, it is possible to have breast augmentation surgery so that your appearance can be improved in your eyes. This surgery usually involved some type of reshaping or insertion of implants into the bust area to add to the shape and volume of your breasts.

If you are considering having permanent changes done to your breasts, research the different options that you may have and the specifics of the procedure and meet with the surgeon who is board certified. During this initial consultation he will perform an examination and listen to the goals that you have for the surgery as well as the risks involved and the costs.

There are two main types of breast implants. The type you choose depends on the type of body that you have and what your specific goals are. These are saline and silicone. Saline are composed of a salty water mixture, while silicone ones are composed of silicon gel. The saline is usually a cheaper option and the basic difference is how they feel when you touch them. Most recipients agree that the silicone type feel more naturally than saline. You will also be able to choose the type and size by trying on various samples in your surgeon’s office in different bra styles.

There are also several options of where the breast implants are inserted. One of these is subglandular, when the implants are inserted in front of the muscles, but behind the actual tissue in the breast. Another type is partial submuscular, where they are put behind the tissue in the breast and only partly under the chest muscles. The third type is complete submuscular, where the implants are inserted completely behind the chest muscles. The placement depends on the type of your body and what your goals are post-surgery.

Not only are you able to choose where you want them inserted, but you can also choose where the incisions will be so that they cannot be seen by anyone. They can be either completely under the breast, around the nipple, in the arm pit, or in the area around the naval, used mainly when you are getting saline implants so that they can be inflated when the surgery is completed.

Breast augmentation is not the only type of breast surgery that a woman may need performed. Others include breast lifts, reduction, and surgery on the nipples. These are often performed to prevent them from drooping and sagging after childbirth, reducing overly large breasts, or to correct nipples that may not match or are not the right size.

No matter what type of breast augmentation surgery that you may be looking for, you need to make sure that the American Board of Plastic Surgery properly certifies your surgeon. You can find these great surgeons on websites and through friend referrals.


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