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Real patient stories of Cosmetic Surgery from The Washington Post Magazine

Shelleys StoryMotivation
“I had reached a point when every time I looked in the mirror I was hit harder and harder by the reflection of a very old lady; unattractive and not feminine.  Certaintly not the face I expected to see – my face.  I saw “tired” when I was actually energized. I saw “angry” despite feeling calm and relaxed. I delayed going to a consultation for a few years, thinking that perhaps a few more makeup tricks would do it…”  Click here to read Shelley’s complete story.  Motivation.  Story #1 in a series.

“By the time I came in for “The Big Day”, I felt as prepared as i could have been.  I was nervous that morning because, after all, it WAS major surgery.  But I was equally excited and eager to finally go through with it.  Once in the surgical suite, everyone was so very solicitous, upbeat and comforting.  That, plus being given a pre-op sedative, was tremendously reassuring…”  Click here to read Shelley’s story about her cosmetic surgery, “Experience.”  Story #2 in a series.

“In the time since I had my cosmetic surgery, I have been very pleased with the results.  Pleased that I know longer look angry and tired all the time.  Do I look like I did when I was 21?  No, I’m leaving that to my daughter.  But I do look refreshed, more relaxed, just as my physician told me I would.  I am more self-confident and I like what I see in the mirror….”  Click here to read Shelley’s story about life after cosmetic surgery “Impact.”  Story #3 in a series.

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