Is Tummy Tuck Surgery The Best Solution To Lose Belly Fat?

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery The Best Solution To Lose Belly Fat?Do you belong to the category of people who do their best so as to lose weight and sculpt their body contour but fail to deal with the persistent fat in the abdominal area? If the answer is yes, you should know that this is not a rare possibility since this particular body area is traditionally less prone to lose the accumulated fat. Therefore, when training and diet fail to deliver the desired results, cosmetic surgery is the most recommended solution so as to get rid of the unwanted extra fat in the area. Tummy Tuck is a procedure of increased popularity which promises to make the difference for you and grant you a well-toned figure devoid of the inelegant accumulated belly fat.

What exactly is Tummy Tuck?

It is a procedure (the medical term for this is “abdominoplasty”) during which the surgeon removes the excessive skin and fat from the middle and lower part of the abdomen in order to make it firmer. The outcome is a flatter abdominal area without devoid of the sagging skin and the unappealing excessive fat.

If you search through the net, you will run across dozens of posts featuring pictures of Tummy Tuck before and afters – and there you can clearly see the difference, which is actually amazing! And don’t assume that these tummy tuck pictures are just a photo-shop creation; tummy tuck procedure can really transform the way you look and feel!

But let’s take things with the right order. First of all, why diets and exercising don’t work forcing someone to resort to tummy tuck? The main reason is that in many cases excessive weight gaining or consecutive pregnancies result in stretched and crinkly skin that cannot be removed otherwise. Consequently, tummy tuck operation is essential to treat this condition medically and effectively.

What you should also bear in mind that, unfortunately, not all men and women can have this surgical operation. For example, if someone carries too many kilos, he / she should probably have to go through a diet before the operation. In fact, the vast majority of individuals going through the tummy tuck surgery are men and women of otherwise normal body weight who find it very hard to get rid of the accumulated belly fat or women whose skin has been stretched after some pregnancies. Type of skin, overall health and age are also factors which are taken into consideration before the final decision. Moreover, although abdominoplasty can deliver impressive changes for your appearance, a patient should not be too enthusiastic before visiting a skilled physician who can reveal him / her details of the procedure.

The tummy tuck risks involved are not higher than the usual ones, and the patient can deal with them by discussing them pro-surgically with his / her physician and by following the surgeon’s post-surgical instructions so as to significantly minimize them.

Tummy Tuck Recovery

And what about tummy tuck recovery? Well, usually a time span of one week to one month is sufficient so as to reach to full recovery. During this time, the patient should abstain from strenuous activity and stick to his / her surgeon’s instructions so as to avoid complications and get the most out of this cosmetic operation. Mini tummy tuck procedure (which is recommended for less severe cases) requires a relatively smaller recovery time which can last from one to three weeks. Tummy tuck exercises and tummy tuck belt could be also needed in order to maximize the results after the operation.

Post-surgical tummy tuck scars are of course unavoidable but they are really not an issue considering the great change in your appearance when the nasty belly fat is removed. So, although the length and location of incisions depend on the type of the surgery the patient undergoes and actually never totally disappear, they are usually discreet as they are located in areas in which they go unnoticed and hidden by underwear or swimsuit.

The tummy tuck cost can vary depending on the type or the extent of the problem, however it is quite affordable and really worth undergoing it.

All in all, Tummy Tuck is a cosmetic procedure that can be the ideal alternative to conventional diets and exercising techniques which usually fail to deal with the problem of protruding belly, which ruins men and women’s appearance and self-confidence. Tummy tuck surgery can whittle your waistline by removing extra fat, resulting in you experiencing the flattened and aesthetically perfect abdominal area that you were longing for. So, stop hesitating; consult your physician, check out the details of the procedure and go for a tummy tuck surgery as soon as possible!


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