A Tummy Tuck Can Last Beyond A Workout!

A Tummy Tuck Can Last Beyond A Workout!After a major event in life any man or woman would like to simply move forward, without reminders or remainders from the past. However, sometimes when a hurdle has been cleared or a significant milestone achieved, there is the nagging souvenir of what once was.

For example, after a significant weight loss or participation in the miracle of child bearing, your stomach just no longer seems like it belongs on your body anymore. When valiant attempts at every diet and every exercise known to man won’t help tone or shrink lax muscles and sagging skin over your midsection, the tummy tuck is a surgical option for you.

Abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is an in-patient elective surgical procedure to remove excess skin from the stomach area and tighten abdominal muscles for both men and women.

Liposuction can be included if excess fat is impeding your muscle development as well. Therefore, the ideal candidate would be an otherwise healthy individual who has not achieved noticeable results through efforts on their own.

Surgeons specializing in this area of plastic surgery are skilled at providing the best possible results to the special body changes that your skin could not keep up with; or if you are in need of maintenance, there is help available. An abdominoplasty procedure can also decrease the appearance of dimpling cause by cellulite and stretch marks caused by loss of elasticity in your skin due to weight gain, followed by rapid loss or multiple pregnancies.

Ideally, patience is required throughout the entire healing and settling process. The surgeon and nurses will take every necessary precaution to prevent fluid collection in the area of the incision; this will involve allowing it to drain and binding the area for up to six weeks for optimal results. There is no need to be afraid of the word drain. Any time there is a cut to the body, plasma is present to assist in healing. That is why rest and after care are critical to recovery. Remember that swelling will occur, but it can be expected to diminish within those first six weeks along with the binding.

Over the next three months following the date of your tummy tuck, your body will slowly be revealing your sleeker silhouette. Three months may seem like a long time, but that is what the autumn and winter are for.

While everyone is wearing all those heavy clothes and eating rich foods, an ideal tummy tuck recipient will be healing gracefully by the month. The best news is that these results can be expected to last as long as weight is maintained.

Place the burden of excess skin in the past. A skilled surgeon is ready, willing, and able to sculpt the V-line or hourglass waistline you deserve. If you are constantly talking yourself out of tucking in your shirt or wearing the sexy dress, don’t you think its time to just be carefree? You can live no longer self-consciously gripping, tapping, tugging, and sucking in – just breathe!

The tummy tuck provides an option for both men and women to accentuate their waistline and put the word “abs” back into their vocabulary.

If you’re looking for a board certified Northern Virginia plastic surgeon to perform a tummy tuck, it is imperative that you choose a skilled doctor who will listen and get the results you want.

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